The Raycon E50 Earbuds Reviews – Raycon E50 Truly Wireless

You can pick up The Raycon E50 earbuds on Amazon. They are available in four different colors. Black, blue, white and gold. Raycon E50 earbuds got perfect fit compact design and advanced audio technology. They are easy to pin and compatible with both apple and android devices. They are ready, willing be able to go the distance. Raycon E50 Truly Wireless Review…

The Raycon E50 Earbuds Reviews: Raycon E50 Truly Wireless

ID Image Product Ratings Price
1- Wireless Earbuds with Immersive Sound True 5.0 Bluetooth in-Ear Headphones 14,660
2- AUKEY True Wireless Earbuds 10,617
3- Upgraded, Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo True Wireless Earbuds 21,650
4- ENACFIRE E60 Wireless Earbuds 13,411
5- Purity True Wireless Earbuds with Immersive Sound 30,474

Inside The Box

Inside the box people will find the user manual. It teaches you the button functions,how to pair and all the necessary stuff as well. You will also find the USB cord, the five differently sized gel tips, the charging capsule and the Raycon E50 earbuds.You will have a total of seven different silicone ear tips. With this many choices you should be able to find ones that fit you. You can use the earbuds together or separately. This depends on your situation.In terms of the sound quality these earbuds sound really good. They are great for making phone calls. On the backside you will have your USB charging port, you have three indicator lights on there. One of them shows when you are charging the case.

This case takes about two hours to fully charge and the case will charge up the earbuds in about a hour. You also get about five hours of playing time with the earbuds alone and that charging case will charge these earbuds up five times before you have to charge that case again. They are getting some charge in the case during the day when you are not using it. When you take them out of the case, the metal contacts touch and the earbuds start charging again therefore people do not have to worry about powering them. They give you five hour battery life on one charge, twenty five hour battery life with charging capsule and one hundred hour standy time. 

They come with an IP X4 rating.Once you close the case it really makes sure that it sits in. The case door is magnetic. It looks realy nice and comfy. It is getting a good solid connection and the magnet is pretty strong. The magnet gives it a pretty secure fit.They do not stick around very far from your ears. The hook part fits on the top part of your ears and you have the silicone ear tips that go inside your ears. It is super comfortable. They are small but they pack a lot of sound. They have hidden buttons on the sides of the earphones that perform different functions. Thanks to these buttons, people can control the volume and answer phone calls. They can skip songs and they can power it on and off.Single press will play and pause your music or answer your phone calls.A double press on the right one will go to the next track. A double press on the left one will go to the previous track. 

A triple press on the right one will turn the volume up and a triple press on the left one will turn the volume down.A two second hold on either one will turn these on and also when they are on a two second hold will activate your voice assistant on your phone. If you are on Android it is gonna be Google Assistant or Bixby or Alexa and if you are on Iphone it is gonna be Siri. You have your USB mini charging port on the back. They have five hours of playback time and two thousand hours of standby. Volume level while listening to the music is great. Compact is easy to fit in your pocket. The founder of the brand believes that people come first and that technology must be simple and accessible therefore this is the best earbuds brand of 2021.

Pairing The Raycon Earphones To Your Device

You could start by putting in your rake on. Make sure that the earphones are fully charged. If they are not charged then you will not be able to pair them.Hold down both buttons at the exact time on both earphones until you hear rake on power on. You will hear the connection.That means that your earbuds are paired together not to your device just yet. Finally you are going to want to get out your phone and go to your Bluetooth settings. Once you successfully pair them  to your device your earphones will stay connected and that means you are ready to go.

Factory Reset Instructions

If your earphonesdid not pair  successfully then it might be a good idea to try the factory reset process. First power off the earbuds by holding down the buttons at the exact  same time for at least four seconds. Delete all Raycon Bluetooth names in the settings of all your paired devices.Hold the buttons on the sides of the earphones for 30 seconds and then place them back into the charging case.Then take them out, hold both earphones down to turn them on then locate and click on Raycon E50 Eardrums in your phone settings and connect.

The Sound Quality And Style

The earbuds have excellent sound quality and noise cancelling abilities,you can not hear what people say to you when you have these on. They are fairly easy to pair and comfortable. The style and case are great. This looks like a fashion accessory. The Raycon E50 will give you a very unique experience.


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Raycon E50 Truly Wireless Review – Question and Answer

1. Are Raycon E55 earbuds worth it?

The earbuds come separate.They are charging cases and include a metal card full of different sized ear tips which feels very premium as well as the micro USB charging cable and a strap to put the earbuds on your wrist. It feels great to hold. Battery is very powerful and also you can choose one of the four colors. 

2. Can you buy them on Amazon?

Yes, you can pick them up on Amazon. You can order them on Amazon.

Raycon earbuds Amazon order 2021 Link:

3. Do Raycons have mic?

Yes, they have a mic. They are great for making phone calls.

4. How good are Raycon E50 earbuds?

They are comfortable and useful. Volume level while listening to the music is very good. Their magnet is strong and secure. It deserves its Money.

5. Who owns Raycon earbuds?

Willie Ray Norwood is the founder of this headphone company.


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