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How do I level up my Stepn sneakers?

Step 1: First choose the sneaker in the STEPN app of which you want level up. Step 2: Click on “Level Up” which is available in bottom left side. Step 3: After clicking on level up, A popup will come which will display the levering time and leveling cost. Now.May 16, 2022

How much does a Stepn sneaker cost?

It costs more than 600 USD to mint one StepN NFT, at the current price. So it is not cheap. And the prices goes up from the 3rd Mint. So at this price, you can mint only 2 NFTs, which you can sell at 2x the minting cost.May 9, 2022

What is STEPN?

Built on Ethereum competitor Solana and created by app developer FindSatoshi Lab, Stepn is a smartphone app that lets users earn money by walking, jogging, or running for a narrowly delineated time period that refreshes every 24 hours.Jun 8, 2022

How do you start STEPN?

Users need to download the STEPN app. Then they need to sign up for STEPN using their email address. After verification, users must connect their wallets to explore STEPN cryptocurrency. NFTs in the form of sneakers are worn by the users in STEPN’s Game-Fi system.

Who created STEPN?

The platform was founded in August 2021 by the fintech studio Find Satoshi Lab. In September 2021, STEPN’s core team was formed. To join the community, a user has to download the mobile app, then register for an account in order to create a wallet.

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