Raycon Earbuds E70 Review – Raycon E70 Pro Best True Wireless

Raycon Global offers high-quality technology at affordable prices. In 2017, TV star and singer Ray-J founded the company. Raycon Global produces variations of wireless earbuds, smartwatches, and drones. Raycon E70 Pro Best True Wireless… 

The Best Earbuds: Raycon Earbuds E70 Review

ID Image Product Ratings Price
1- Skullcandy Indy Evo True Wireless In-Ear Earbud 14,237
2- Wireless Earbuds Occiam Bluetooth Headphones 17,720
3- Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds 14,854
4- XClear Wireless Earbuds 13,039
5- Skullcandy Sesh Evo True Wireless In-Ear Earbud 10,722

Raycon E70 Pro Best True Wireless comes with Hİ-Fİ sound quality with a stylish and comfortable structure. The bass is very appreciable and if you like bass and Hİ-Fi sound quality, these are your earbuds with half the price of the equivalents. You can buy Raycon Earbuds on Amazon right now. 

Raycon Earbuds are incredibly useful as they always allow you to quickly listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, and other content by eliminating cable knots that occur after taking them out of the pocket or bag.

Raycon E70 Pro Best True Wireless – What is in the box?

At the first sight, Raycon E70s comes with a chic presentation, inside a nice black box. Your simple and effective carrying case and charging capsule with micro USB charging cable exist in the box with the earbuds. 

Once you put the earbuds in the charging capsule you’ll see the red flashing. When they are fully charged, they’re gonna be blue. The charging capsule is a low weight, comfortable fit with well-design. Micro USB charging gives you fast charge and you can charge your earbuds four times. There are four LED lights on the backside. The charging case is easy to open and close. The box, which is transferred via Micro USB, ensures that the headphones are both charged and protected. You get two different sizes of gel ear tips with the Raycon Earbuds.



Lightweight Earbuds

The earbuds themselves are very lightweight and very small. Among its properties, it should be noted that it is resistant to water splashes and sweat. With IPX4 certification, the headset can be used while doing sports. For those who sweat quickly and go to the gym, this is a nice bonus at this price point. Protects the earbuds from sweating, water or light rain.

The earbuds stop itself as soon as it is removed from the ear. Thus, there is no need to stop the video or music playing. No music or video starts up without plugging the headphones back in. You have got a function button on each one. You can play and pause, skip and reverse tracks. 

How is the pairing quality?

The most important feature when buying earbuds is the quality pairing and Raycon E70s provides an uninterrupted connection. Pairing process real simple. When putting them in the ears you are gonna hear a little voice prompt that means the earbuds are connected to each other. Then go to your bluetooth menu, select the E70s and they paired up.

Are Raycon Earbuds worth it?

This segment is expected to high price but the Raycon E70s surprisingly has a low price according to sound quality and perfect fit. It generates a good amount of noise reduction. Earbuds are very small and comfortable for daily use and fit in for the gym. Because of that, Raycon earbuds are perfectly handling calls with built-in microphones. So Raycon earbuds definitely worth it. If you ordered it from Amazon, they are very affordable for the quality you get.

Are Raycon E70 Actually Good?

Raycon Earbuds E70 wireless headphones offer you perfectly balanced sound quality, comfort, and stability at the same time. The E70s  will be your best companion in daily use, with its dazzling design, wonderful noise isolation and sound that attaches importance to details, 2 different earbud gels that aim to fit all types of ears.

It captures more of the ambient sounds around you, whether it’s in-flight noise, city traffic, or office conversations. The advanced wireless connectivity on the Raycon Earbuds precisely synchronizes what you see on screen with what you hear in your headphones for a more enjoyable viewing experience. With the Bluetooth chip transmitting sound to the left and right ears simultaneously, it offers an optimum antenna design, stable connection, and exceptional listening experience. The low audio latency also allows you to enjoy watching.

Noise-canceling Earbuds

Noise-canceling earbuds are ergonomically designed to touch one-of-a-kind factors in your ear for a snug and steady healthy. The high-friction rubber floor guarantees that the noise-canceling earbuds healthy and live in a region so that they do not slip out unexpectedly. When you positioned your noise-canceling earbuds returned into the charging case, they click on into the region without problems way to the magnetic inner part. The micro USB cable permits you to recharge the case fast and without problems so you are geared up to concentrate the following day. Travel without interruptions and lose yourself on track without a history noise. Be aware of the whole thing around you, from the road to the office, whilst playing your track. Hear crucial bulletins whilst you wait, decreasing different history noise. 

Manage your day simply with the aid of using speaking for your preferred voice assistant. Have fun, speak with friends, get information, concentrate on track and notifications, set reminders, and more. It gives a clearer voice nice and you could have a communique the usage of one or each earbud. So you could use the price alternately or listen to calls sincerely in noisy environments. It combines noise canceling with outstanding sound, clever listening features, Bluetooth and clean connectivity, all-day battery life, and lengthy listening comfort.

Wireless Earbuds Comparison | Products Summary

Image Products

Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds with 4 Microphones

  • Noise reduction feature
  • A wide sound field
  • Fast charging feature
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy match

SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro, Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Noise canceling
  • High sound quality
  • Water resistance
  • Blocking out background noise
  • Long-term battery
  • Touch feature

2021 Wireless Earbuds, Tribit Qualcomm QCC3040 Bluetooth

  • Uninterrupted sound feature
  • Background sound blocker
  • Long-lasting charging

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

  • Maximum performance headphones
  • Weatherproof
  • Comfortable and convenient designs
  • Easy and fast device pairing


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Raycon E70 Pro Best True Wireless – Question and Answer

1. Can you buy raycon earbuds on Amazon?

If you ordered it from Amazon, they are very affordable for the quality you get.

You can get it from Amazon, which is the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to reliable sales site.

While Raycon Earbuds offers you a unique listening experience, it also stands out with its affordable price. It is ready to accompany your daily life with its stylish and original design compared to its counterparts.

2. Are Raycon E70 work with IOS devices?

  Raycon Earbuds E70 can work with android and IOS. These earbuds give powerful beats for your everyday life. 

3. Are Raycon Earbuds E70 suitable for the gym use and running?

With the gel eartips and the perfect size, you can use Raycon Earbuds usable for sports. For those who sweat quickly and go to the gym, this is a nice bonus at this price point. Protects the earbuds from sweating, water or light rain.

4. How are the performance of bass, mids and trebles?

First of all, the bass quality more than any of earbuds on the market. You can feel the bass in your heart. Mids of the E70s are good enough the listening all kind of music and the trebles are balanced from making calls and listening podcasts to listening high-pitched music.

5. Do Raycon Earbuds have a microphone?

Yes. Raycon earbuds are perfectly handling calls with built-in microphones.You can use Google Assistant or Siri through the earbuds. You have to do is just hold down the power button on the right earbud and talk to your assistant. The built-in microphone has very quality noise reduction.


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