how much is ethereum coin , why is ethereum classic rising in price

Will Ethereum Classic go up in value?

Ethereum Classic price predictions Firstly, CryptoNewsZ has an Ethereum Classic price prediction for 2022 that suggests that the coin could, potentially, go as high as $42 this year before reaching $50 in 2023 and $51 in 2024.Jun 14, 2022

Will Ethereum Classic still rise?

In its ethereum classic crypto coin prediction DigitalCoin suggested the ETC price will average $46.62 in 2022. Its ETC forecast estimated the price could rise to reach $66 by 2025. Over the longer term, the coin’s value was forecast to average $161 in 2030.Apr 22, 2022

What price can Ethereum Classic hit?

The price may reach $221 (minimum price) end of 2025 in five years. Based on Wallet Investor and our Ethereum Classic forecast and price analysis, a long term increase and maximum price is expected. The price prognosis for Ethereum Classic (ETC) future price in 2027 is $230.652 (minimum price).Jun 1, 2022

Will Ethereum Classic go back to 100?

As said above, it may even reach its new ATH if investors have decided that ETC is a good investment in 2022, it could reach $100, along with the performance of mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.May 20, 2022

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