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Raycon comes to mind when it comes to the best wireless headphones 2021. Raycon company spends a lot of money to market its products. That is why it is possible to hear it on youtube or other social media platforms. Also, when you look at their website, you can see many happy customers and big names in music that support the brand. So are Raycon Earbuds really good? Here are the Raycon Earbuds review and order 2021. Best Raycon Earbuds Review…

Best Wireless Headphones Brand: Raycon Earbuds

Raycon E25 Everyday Wireless Headphones

Raycon E25 Everday Wireless Earbuds

Raycon E25 has compact case and buds, lightweight, good fit with the right ear tips, IPX4 water-resistance and reliable connection strenght. These are the positive feauters of Raycon E25 but it also has negative features. These can be listed as follows: Engregious bass amplification, discomfort when using onboard controls, build quality, microUSB charging, no fast-charge feature and price. People who is looking for exercise earbuds will benefit IPX4 sweat-resistance but thet are not waterproof. Raycon E25’s charging case is too small, even smaller than the AirPods. The soft plastic finish is very slippy but feels nice. The sound quality and Bluetooth connection are okay but the phone call quality to the recipient is bad. Also, both earbuds are made of glossy plastic and look cheap. They don’t have touch-controls. Raycon E25 case doesn’t support wireless charging. If you want to charge it your only option is a micro USB charging cable but they have a built-in microphone. If you want to order Raycon E25, you can buy on Amazon. Just click on the link below to buy.

Raycon E50 Earbuds

Raycon E50 Eardbuds

Here is Raycon Earbuds E50 review and order! Raycon E50 are unremarkable truly wireless earbuds. They have a boomy sound and dark profile . They are well buit and comfortable. The entirely wireless design is awesome and also the battery life. Besides these good features, they have a bad one: You can hear the background noise. It does not seem loud enough even at the max volume. The E50 were upgraded to the Raycon E55, so they aren’t purschasable on Raycon’s website anymore but you can buy on Amazon. Just click on the link below to buy.

Raycon E55 Earbuds

Raycon E55 Eardbuds

The Raycon E55 is the upgraded version of the Raycon E50. Raycon E55’s controls are simple, one press play and pause, two press change songs and tree turns the volume up or down. Raycon E55 has great sound quality and you can control your music from your earbuds and still have connection even when your phone is far away. Also music equalizer is great, it works as advertised. Noise cancelling isn’t super good but it is cheaper than AirPods. These earbuds are portable and fairly comfortable for in-ears. Very comfortable, easy to wear an deven if you shake your head, it doesn’t fall out of your ears. If you are not a bass-fan, Raycon E55 won’t be for you but these are good option for sports. Raycon E55’s case is slick and the charging functions are very smart. They magnet into place so you don’t have to worry about damaging the charging contacts when putting them away. The buds last about six hours and the case holds enough battery to rachaerve the buds about six times. 

Raycon E70 Pro Earbuds

Raycon E70 Pro Eardbuds

Raycon E70 Pro has crystal clear sounds. These stylish earbuds will give you matchless Hi-Fi sound quality for a matchless contert experience in your ear. Raycon E70 Pro earbuds have vibrating diaphragm technology and super balanced bass for 3D natural sound. The bluetooth 5.0 earbuds have a stable signal transmisson. Also, they can play for six to eight hours with just one single charge. You can active SIRI, skip songs, control the volume and pause or play thanks to one button but you have to use the left earpiece at all times, as that is where the bluetooth connection is. The earphones have an ergonomic design so they can perfectly fit your ear. Also, they are colorful and very modern. That is all fot the Raycon earbuds E70 review.

Raycon X90 Titan True Wireless Headphones

Raycon X90 Titan True Wireless Headphones

Here is Raycon earbuds X90 review and order 2021. There are on of most popular wireless earbuds from Raycon. These earbuds connect flawlessly with all bluetooth devices as much as 30 feet away. Raycon X90 Titan deliver isolated noise-cancaeling sound and wireless charcing feautes in this earbuds. Other features are: Answering your phone one-the-go with call mode, water resistant and it’s perfect fit whith 6 pairs of gel silicone tips. Charge portable power capsule using included micro USB cable or a wireless charger. Also, you can wear these in any weather.



ID Image Product Ratings Price
1- Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, True Wireless Earbuds 27,394
2- Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus, True Wireless Earbuds 59,538
3- SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds Pro, Bluetooth Earbuds 4,233
4- Anker Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds 25,342
5- iLuv TB100 Rose Gold True Wireless Earbuds 29,141


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Best Wireless Headphones – Question and Answer

1. Considering all these reviews, are Raycon earbuds worth it? 

It is not worth buying for these earbuds that some people like very much and some people don’t like. Although they fits well on the ears, some of them don’t fit well. So, don’t risk your money. 

2. How good are Raycon earbuds? 

If we need to give a number out of 10, it’s 4. Because the Raycon earbuds sound fine. Just fine. 

3. When it comes to ordering, you can ask yourself: Can I buy Raycon earbuds on Amazon? 

You can definitely buy but some earbuds are not currently on sale. 

4. Those who buy it elsewhere will ask: Where can I buy Raycon earbuds? 

You can buy from the website of Raycon. If bad reviews and some of them not on Amazon don’t affect you, you can buy one of these earbuds. 

5. But which one? Who owns Raycon earbuds? 

If you like to exercise, these earbuds are perfect for you. These earbuds with very good bluetooth provide you convenience while doing sports. Altough there are people who are satisfied, most people who buy these earbuds are not satisfied with the Raycon earbuds, these reviews and people should not be ignored.


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