iPad2 and Kindle2 Ebooks – How To Download Unlimited Ebooks For The iPad2 and Kindle2

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iPad 2 and Kindle 2

iPad 2 and Kindle 2

I was brought a new nook a few months ago and as a useful piece of technology i cannot fault it, It has changed the way i read books forever. I used to have a huge problem getting enough ebooks to put on my nook.

While there are plenty of places to buy individual books and even download free ebooks from authors all over the internet but paying $10 a time from the likes of amazon or apple doesn’t strike me as fair considering i view i am helping the planet but not having the paper version of the book. And to search for the individual authors find their site then get the ebook can be very time consuming.

A few weeks ago i found this website which promised to give unlimited ebook downloads and was nook compatible, I was a bit skeptical and did a little research i found that they are a good reputable company and are verified by paypal and clickbank. I did some more research and found that this same site had over 40,000 books.

I decided to sign up and see if it was as good as i heard, and with the confidence of the service being backed by paypal and clickbank i had nothing to loose. After paying via paypal i received an email with my user-name and password via email and went straight to the site and logged in.

What i found was an enormous library of ebooks which i was able to arrange by author, genre, popular, new books and bestsellers. Like the site described i had unlimited access and could download all the books i wanted. Going through my favorite genre grabbing any book i had ever wanted to read.

I have to say i am very happy with the service and it has saved me hundreds of dollars already, and as new content is added on the site i am free to continue downloading. Whats best is that it isn’t a limited subscription you sign up and your a member for life.

Visit the site here for more information on beast deal ipad ebooks, or here for info on ipad compatible ebooks


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